What I Learned and Loved in February

So maybe I’m a little late. Maybe I didn’t get this February post up until nearly halfway through March…..

Anyway, here are a few things I learned and loved in February.

I love bullet journaling! I did it. I jumped on the crazy train of bullet journaling. I AM OBSESSED. I plan on doing a whole post about it soon. I’m not a doodler so the thought of bullet journaling was intimidating at first, but I really do like that I can organize and keep all of my constant lists, appointments, notes and thoughts all in one place that is assembled in a way that makes sense to me.

There’s an app that will unsubscribe you from unwanted email lists. I downloaded the Unroll App and it’s amazing. You literally just log into your email on the app and swipe left to unsubscribe, right to keep it, and up to add it to a “rollup” email of all the ones you want to stay subscribed to, but don’t necessarily want to see in your inbox individually.

Fire N Smoke BBQ is good! Kyle and I first went here with some friends of ours and I got the peppered turkey club which was good.  If you go, you need to get the potato twisters as your side – they’re twists, but still thicker and fluffy like french fries. My favorite thing here isn’t even on the menu… Cheese. Sauce. Yeah, you need to get a side of their cheese sauce for your potato twisters. Trust me.

I love podcasts. I knew podcasts were a thing, but I never really gave much thought to it or listened to any. But you guys – I’m obsessed! My friend Abbi first told me about The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey and I’m now hooked. Not only to her’s but a few others. I wasn’t sure where in my life I would have the time to listen to podcasts. But as a stay at home mom it’s been great to listen to while I walk on the treadmill, clean, or even as background noise while I’m playing with Lucia. (Please listen to the Renee Swope interview with Jamie Ivey. She talks about parenting and a difficult season they walked through with one of her sons.)

Being the new gal is scary but worth it. Kyle and I have recently been in some new situations and while it’s always slightly awkward being in unfamiliar territory, we’ve already seen some amazing things coming out of this season. Getting outside of your bubble and being “new” can be wonderful.

The Foundry in Edwardsville has great fish tacos. Some new friends introduced us to this place and we loved it. Kyle got a burger that he’s eager to get again, and I had their fish tacos. Grilled fish tacos with a broccoli slaw… it was amazing.

I love watching interviews. I love the conversation style of interviews. Seeing two people (or a group) discussion is my favorite! Two of my favorites right now are Off Camera with Sam Jones and The Hollywood Reporter: Roundtables, which you can find on YouTube.

When I know I’m not going to actually sit down and watch a movie, I’ll just read the spoilers. I’m way more into shows than movies. So many times I’ll see a preview for a movie and while it looks interesting, I know I’m not actually going to watch it. I just google it and find out what happens in 2 minutes. You can pretty much find spoilers for everything online. The one I recently looked up was Passengers.
Sorry Chris Pratt.

What did you learn in February?

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