What I Learned in January

I’m a day later in posting this than I wanted to, but I’m going to try to post what I’ve learned during each month. I don’t know if you’re like me, but sometimes I can wake up and feel like nothing has changed. The monotony gets to me like I’m living the same day over and over again (especially staying home with a little one).

I didn’t take great notes along the way last month, so here are some of the things I learned in January.

You can hard boil eggs in the Instant Pot. I am terrible, I mean terrible at hard boiling eggs, but we love them. I’m sure it’s easy. I’m sure you know how. But me – I either under cook or over cook. Either runny or gray. In the Instant Pot I just add 1 cup of cold water, put in the steamer tray, add 4 eggs, and steam for 10 minutes. Perfect every time!
Also I’m sure you can do a larger batch, just may want to increase the time.

Lauren Graham is just as lovely as you’d hope. I read her memoir Talking as Fast as I Can and loved reading about her life and career including behind the scene moments from Gilmore Girls and Parenthood. I loved Gilmore Girls. Like had all the seasons on DVD love. I tuned in every week for Parenthood and you’d better believe I watched the whole Gilmore Girls revival the morning it came out. (I may have a problem)

Bonlook is a great place to get women’s glasses. I have seen a few people with glasses from Bonlook over the past year or so, but I never bit the bullet and ordered my own until this month. They typically cost $99 but I also saw a lot of frames on sale too. And free shipping and free returns! I bought two pairs, planning to return one. Worked like a charm.

I feel like the Pioneer Woman when I make a chicken pot pie. I found this recipe for chicken pot pie and every time I make it I feel like I’m making it from scratch. Even though I didn’t make the crust and I used a freezer bag of veggies. It’s the roux! I have messed up several attempts at gravy so the roux ration being precise on this recipe makes me feel like I just whipped it up. I may be lying to myself about my cooking skills – aka reading.

EKGs are scary looking. I had to take our daughter to see a cardiologist because her pediatrician had heard a heart murmur at both her 4 and 6 month checkup appointments. Turns out it’s just an innocent murmur, so nothing to be concerned about, but all of the wires involved with an EKG is scary. Especially seeing your 6 month old like that.

Take risks and share your stories. Probably the biggest personal endeavor that happened this month was launching this blog. I’ve wanted to do this for years now, but always let fear and procrastination take over. I decided to just go for it and trust that the words I feel led to share would serve someone. I’m still learning this more each day.

What one thing you learned this month? I’d love to know!


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