For Your Weekend

Let’s pretend we are at Bread Co. chatting over lunch. These are some of the things I would tell you.

Also – I would totally be having broccoli cheese soup. What would you order?

Here’s what I’m loving this week and I think you will too:

1. Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. This podcast is so up my alley. I’m obsessed! My friend Abbi turned me onto it and I’ve only listened to a couple podcasts, but so great. Conversations with interesting women? Yes please!

2. Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham. After binge watching Parenthood and being a long time fan of Gilmore Girls (did you see the revival!?!) I was so excited to see she had a book coming out. I haven’t read her novel, but I just finished this memoir of sorts and it is just as lovely as you would hope!

3. This taco soup recipe is a major major go to in our house! This is one of my favorite soups to take to new moms. A crockpot is your best friend when you’ve got a little one.

4. This YouTube video dedicated to Kevin from the Office. He may be my favorite. I love them all, but I always go back to Kevin.

5. Drew Holcomb’s album MedicineHe’s releasing a new album in March I think, but I listen to Medicine constantly. I sang “You’ll Always Be My Girl” to Lucia most every night those first few months.



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2 thoughts on “For Your Weekend

  1. I loved the Kevin video however they missed my favorite Kevin moment. When he’s standing in front of the vending machine with buttons in his hand instead of coins and Holly thinks he’s mentally challenged. Never gets old! Also, I pinned the taco soup recipe. Can’t wait to try it! 🙂


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